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Create Incredible ASP.NET Email Forms Quickly and Easily
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Creating a basic email form isn't rocket science, but it can be complicated and very time consuming especially if you add important features like an auto response, file uploading, form validation, backing up form data and so on. If you aren't familiar with web programming it will take even more time or money. With ASP.NET Auto Email, you can create very sophisticated email forms in minutes and create as many as you like. If you are a web designer or developer, you can charge your clients more money because you can create forms that do more for them (and because it takes you so little time, you make more profit.)
ASP.NET Auto Email is the #1 email control for ASP.NET and saves you time and money by providing "Drag-and-Drop Form Processing". With ASP.NET Auto Email, you create your form however you like and simply drag-and-drop the Auto Email control onto your form, specify what you would like it to do for you and let it take over from there. There is no other ASP.NET control or component on the market that does everything Auto Email does, and Auto Email has been the leader in drag-and-drop form processing since 2003.
ASP.NET Auto Email can do everything from sending you an email with all of the form data to sending personalized auto responses to users that complete your forms, redirecting them to a thank you page and even uploading files and saving a backup of all form submissions. With over 40 features in all, Auto Email makes it easy for you to create sophisticated email forms in minutes versus hours or days. ASP.NET Auto Email can even send emails to different addresses based on the department or location or category a user selects in a dropdown list for instance. In addition, ASP.NET Auto Email allows you to create multi-part forms where the form is broken up into several steps if you like. ASP.NET Auto Email can handle just about any scenario and Auto Email is smart enough to recognize form validation and only process the form once it is error free. Watch the step-by-step video below to see how easy it is to install Auto Email and create a full-featured email form in under 30 minutes.

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